Easy to wear, easy to care for

A shirt or blouse from Stenströms is long-wearing and easy to care for. Common sense and a little careful attention are all you need. If you follow our simple instructions for laundering and ironing, your Stenströms shirt or blouse will be a pleasure to wear many years to come.

Cotton shirts

Light-coloured cotton shirts can be laundered at light-wash, 60°C. Shirts with dark or printed colours should be washed separately. Always use fine laundry detergent and avoid centrifuging. Allow the garment to drip dry.

Silk and woollen shirts

Shirts of silk or wool should be either hand-washed or machine-washed in cold or lukewarm water. Always use fine laundry detergent and rinse thoroughly in cold water several times. Press the water out gently, do not twist, and then wrap the shirt in a terrycloth towel. Lay the shirt on a flat surface to dry at room temperature. Avoid drying in sunlight, on a radiator, in a drying cabinet, spin-dryer or any other warm place.


The best result is achieved if you hang the shirt on a coat hanger and allow it to drip dry, instead of centrifuging. The shirt is then ironed before it is completely dry. 100%-cotton shirts should be ironed at full heat. Never starch a Stenströms shirt, not even with spray starch! Starch will make the finest fabrics feel like paper.


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