Shirts – design and quality in the right model

At Stenströms we focus on shirts with design and quality in high-class fabrics. We aim to give you the shirt that is just right for you, regardless of the occasion. Nobel banquet or fishing trip? We offer everything from a relaxed leisure look to the finest dress shirts. That is why we have been privileged, for many years, to use the title Royal Purveyor. Here, we present our various shirt models together with measurements.


This model is designed with youthful style and elegance. As the name suggests, Slimline has a narrow cut.


This model is designed for the man who wants a slim silhouette with perfect mobility. The model has two darts in the back.

Fitted Body

This model has comfortable pleats in the back, but a closer fit than Classic. Fitted Body is the most common model.


This model has a spacious, comfortable fit with a pleated back and a pocket.


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